What is it and why hire a metrology service?

What is it and why hire a metrology service?

Having metrology services for your company is essential to ensure that all quality standards are met in the manufacture of their products.

Metrology is the branch of science that is responsible for everything related to measurements and their applications, as well as correctly calibrate the instruments used to make these measurements. Metrology is used in a large number of industries. For example, in food and the environment, measures are taken on substances (water, food, waste, etc.) to obtain data with which to assess their quality. It is, then, essential that these data are as accurate as possible.

The calibration of the instruments

Another branch of metrology is the calibration of measuring instruments. That is, to determine as accurately as possible the errors of the measurement instruments used. These errors should always be in relation to the requirements requested by the user. As much as an instrument is new and reliable, that does not mean that its measurements are correct, therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the instruments even if they are new. It is recommended that the calibration of the instruments be carried out once every 6 or 12 months, at least. Having perfectly calibrated instruments does not mean that they work perfectly, but it will assure us that we know the difference between what the measurement indicates and what it should indicate.

The importance of metrology services

It is very important for any company, whatever its size, to have precise and reliable measurements. Not only to comply with the quality regulations and the client, but also to achieve high quality standards and be competitive, implementing appropriate measurement management systems. These are the compelling reasons to have the best metrology services.