The importance of tool geometry in production processes

geometría de utillaje en aviación

The importance of tool geometry in production processes

In sectors such as aeronautics, the most efficient and accurate tool geometry is required, as well as dimensional controls on structures and large-volume parts. Remember that these important professional tasks, together with the increasingly demanding and meticulous requirements in terms of precision and tolerances, mean that we should optimize all measurement and control procedures to the maximum.

We achieve this through the proper use of laser tracker and other optical instruments, by a technical team accustomed to obtaining reliable and accurate data.

Services of metrology of great precision and efficiency
In the metrology services, 3D scanning is a clear example of progress and innovation, which has become a powerful measurement tool already present in many sectors of the industry.

If we add to this that it is increasingly common to use a 3D point cloud generated through the scanning of pieces, you will obtain a powerful resource that occupies a prominent and differentiating place within the productive processes.

And it is that the measurement and the adjustment of tools fast and of quality is a fundamental aspect in the production. Thanks to the most advanced measurement systems, such as portable three-dimensional measuring equipment, it is possible to measure tools and adjust all types of parts with great precision and quickly within any installation. The services provided include roughness measurements, profile measurements, shape errors and three-dimensional measurements.

The constant advance of the field of R & D allows us to access a wide range of tools and resources that were not long ago unimaginable. In this sense, the latest generation of portable scanners have been optimized to meet the needs of professionals and engineers who are constantly searching for more precise and faster forms of 3D measurements and geometry of tools.