Scanning and digitization services in the industry, save costs

Scanning and digitization services in the industry, save costs

Do you know what 3D metrology is and what can it help you?

In the industrial activity sector where design and mechanics are combined, it is essential to use resources and systems capable of resolving quickly and reliably your demands when it comes to analyzing and measuring dimensions.

Digitization services in the industry What can be applied?
Dimensional control is necessary in a wide variety of sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, renewable energies, health, education, construction, in the railway sector or to analyze pieces of art and heritage.

Acceleration of times and savings thanks to 3d scanning
The manufacture of pieces of complex geometry when working in the sectors mentioned makes it essential to control strict mechanical, structural and also dimensional requirements.

Verifying all parts of a vehicle or a wind turbine before trying to assemble it is vital to save time and money. The level of complexity of some pieces makes it impossible to control for the human eye.

When the assembly process is carried out a small detail can cause incidents in the tooling of the pieces.

Thanks to the 3D metrology the volume of success in the execution of your projects will grow substantially. In sectors that require millimetric accuracy this technology offers you the level of study necessary to check each and every one of the pieces.