Digitalized of large surfaces & BIM


Using one of the technologies most advanced on the market we carry out scans in large scale through massive point cloud, capturing all the details of the reality bringing it to our screen easily and efficiently. We can obtain high quality color for point clouds with the high ranged digitizing: Civil works, dimensions for installation of machinery Control.



Modeling BIM (Building Information Modeling) is based on the generation process and management of 3D data of a building already constructed, thus obtaining its geometry, spatial relationships, and geographic information throughout its life cycle, that means that any change can be modeled in any phase of the project.

The point cloud allows us to rely on it to perform modeling and get only the data of interest, at the same time seeing how they interact in the environment.

This three-dimensional design environment allows to evaluate and previsualize solutions and their implications in different areas at the same time, and analyze aspects beyond forms, reducing equipment information gaps and providing information for decision making.

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