Cookies Policy

Use of cookies in the websites and applications of METROFORT


In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce we inform you of the use of cookies in the webs and applications of METROFORT in order to facilitate and improve navigation to the users, remembering where you navigated on the website, your username when registering, preferences and display settings, and offering each user information that may be of interest to you.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files and devices that are installed in the user’s browser in order to upload, retrieve or update data. They allow the responsible of the website know the preferences of users when they browse by the website and customize offered services based in those preferences.


In we use own and third-party cookies that allow us analyses the use and measurement to ensure that our websites work correctly and to improve our services.


The third party cookies that Ingemetal use to obtain information of the browse, measuring and analyze web browsing are property of Google Analytics. In the case of Google Analytics, they have access to the data collected by their devices.


Types of cookies

Depending on their purpose, cookies can be:


  • Technical Cookies: there are necessary for browse. Without them the site would not work properly (cookies of “user entrance” for online shopping, multimedia player session, etc.).
  • Customization or configuration Cookies: they allow the site recognize the user’s language, the letter size, etc.
  • Safety Cookies: they prevent attacks against the website or its users.
  • Analytical Cookies: they measure the activity of the user’s and prepare statistics of the browse.
  • Advertising Cookies: they manage the frequency and content of the advertisements.
  •  Behavioral advertising cookies: they upload information about users to show them customize advertisements.


Control the use of cookies


If you want to delete cookies that are already installed in your computer, you can use your browser. You can do it going to the help menu of your browser and there you can find the steps to remove them. For more information:


Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Cookies that we use


There are different types of cookies on our website and we use them for different purposes. The different cookies that we use are the followings:


Technical cookies


cookieaccept: It will generate for all users who accepts Ingemetal ́s cookies policy. It lasts 1 year.


Analytical Cookies


utma: This cookie generates an ID for the user, which is used to count how many times the user visits the website. It also records the first and last time that the user visited the website. It lasts two years. Saves the IP.
utmb and utmc: These cookies calculate when the session is over. The utmb records the time of arrival at the site and the UTM checks if the session have to kept open or if it necessary to create a new session. Saves the IP.
utmz: This cookie is responsible of registering the user’s origin and the keywords. It has a life of six months, but is renewed each time when the user visits the website, unless it is a direct visit. Saves the IP.