Metrologia Fort

Metrologia Fort, S.L. was born in 2005 in Vilanova y la Geltrú, as a family business resulting from an extensive experience in dimensional metrology of its founder, Jordi Fort, focused on providing measurement services using portable equipment. Over the years, the brand “Metrofort” has gained a solid recognition in the market supported by a professional and personalized service capable of exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Metrofort began its activity providing metrology services to small workshops and industries in Catalonia, where quality of customer service and time were the only emerging priorities. In spite of its size, Metrofort soon received national recognition with the reception of new orders from customers all over Spain and Europe. The basis of good service is to have the motivation, knowledge and equipment necessary for this purpose, and for this reason, Metrofort has always relied on top-level international suppliers: FARO and Metrologic Group have been the exclusive suppliers of measurement equipment and software respectively since our beginnings.

At Metrofort we have always been committed to improving the efficiency of service to our customers, so our investment in new measurement procedures has always been a constant. The result of these investments is the exclusive measurement system that we use where, by means of a pre-programmed protocol of measurement from the 3D, we are able to offer substantial advantages to our clients, such as the detection of possible design inconsistencies, optimization of intervention times in situ, immediate delivery of measurement reports after the intervention and monitoring and traceability of the measurement sessions of all our technicians from our technical office, being able to guarantee the best quality and direct costs of the measurement, with a substantial reduction of the indirect costs of our clients.

Currently in Metrofort 20 equipments are operated in more than 10 countries by a dynamic team carefully selected and trained in the knowledge of portable metrology, in the care of our customers and in the defense of the values that have represented us for 15 intense years.

The synergy developed with the Ingemetal Group, a travel partner capable of showing and defending our values, in 2012 and after a relationship of more than 8 years as a client, joined us, providing financial and human support that allowed us to dream of a more promising future in larger projects around the world.

Today, our facilities in Vilanova y la Geltrú and the delegations in Zaragoza, Valencia, Valladolid and Romania, are a fact.  The future must be based on constant work with our customers.

We work all over the world

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