3D metrology and its applications

3D metrology and its applications

The world of digital printing has undergone a great transformation in recent years, deriving to 3D metrology and 3d scanning services, among others. Likewise, digitalització services in the industry have also become fashionable, trying to make the designs with the maximum possible reality.

What is 3D metrology?
It is a discipline capable of analyzing geometry without limits, so it allows us to see how far the capabilities of digitization can go. In this way, small differences are saved thanks to the enormous precision that optical scanners present, unlike what could be seen with the traditional three-dimensional.

And it is that this system makes online digitalization can be done directly from any scanner, using tools that analyze exhaustively the clouds of points obtained, where the greatest power lies.

On the other hand, we have to take into account the different options to perform the digitized. In this way, a CAD file can make a digitized of the same piece, while the master piece can also be analyzed with the digitized. And yet the difference is marked compared to traditional media.

In short, 3D metrology and 3D scanning lead us to achieve more real products in its design and analysis, something carried out in digital services in the industry.