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About us


         Metrologia Fort, S.L. was founded in 2005 in Vilanova i la Geltrú, as a family business, the result of extensive experience in metrology, focused on providing measurement services using portable equipment. Over the years, the “Metrofort” brand has gained solid recognition in the market, supported by a professional and personalised service capable of exceeding our customers’ expectations.


      At Metrofort we currently operate equipment in more than 10 countries with a dynamic, human team, carefully selected and trained in the knowledge of portable metrology, in the care of our customers and in the defence of the values that have represented us for 16 intense years.

      Today, our facilities in Vilanova i la Geltrú, our offices in Valencia, Valladolid, Romania and Poland, and the group company, NovaScan3D, for 3D scanning and modelling services, are a fact.  The future must be governed by constant and committed work alongside our customers.


Jordi Fort Comaposada

CEO Metrofort


Portable 3D metrology services


We offer a quality service, giving a quick and committed response, essential values to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. This service is more than just measuring: our objective is to contribute to your SUCCESS.



Fixture measure

    The measurement and adjustment of geometry fixtures, whether for production or quality, is our service par excellence.

          Thanks to our pre-programmed measuring system and wide range of portable 3D measuring equipment, we measure and adjust with high performance and great speed, all types of tools in our customers’ facilities.

Equipment and software used:


CMM programming

          Our team of programmers offers an advances 3D programming solutions in different software and measuring equipmnmet, whether three-dimensional CMM machines, manual or portable equipment, in-situ or offline, which allows a reduction in the production time of the equipment and guarantees a fast and reliable response to any change in the protocols.

        The long experience in 3D metrology of our technicians in many industrial sectors ensures the best solution in 3D programming.

Equipment and software used:


Product measure

        Measurement of prototype or final parts for their homologation, whether they are single or serial parts, at our customers’ facilities, quickly and efficiently, thanks to the versatility of our 3D measuring equipment: Polyarticulated arm and laser tracker.

      The comparison of the points probed on the product against its numerical definition allows us to obtain a dimensional report with the deviations found. This type of information is essential for our customers, especially in the design and production phases of pre-series parts.

Equipment and software used:


Robot bases

      Calibration service of robot bases in production lines, adapting ourselves to the protocols of the Client, and generating the necessary measurement documentation, for the control of the final results on site.

         Robot calibration and re-calibration is necessary to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the production line.

Equipment and software used:


Layout marking

     We offer maximum efficiency in the marking of layouts of large industrial surfaces, where we capture on the ground, in detail and with great precision, the points of the layout defined by the Client.

    With our long-distance measuring equipment, we can measure the pre-positioning of machinery, tooling and robots on a production line before a relocation, in order to ensure the geometry at the new location.

Equipment and software used:


Industrial machinery

         Parts with geometrical problems can be caused by poorly adjusted machine tools and insdutrial systems.

    Thanks to our measuring arms and laser tracking systems, we adjust and help to improve the performance of machine tools, CNC and industrial production systems, which significantly increases production efficiency, improves delivery times and reduces costs.

Equipment and software used:


3D scanning and modelling professionals

Fotogrametria pesebre

Metrofort Group company

Scan llanta
Scan Forster
Scan Seu Manresa
Scan motor


3D scanning and modelling professionals

Metrofort Group company


Inspection and dimensional analysis

Dimensional analysis and inspection of industrial parts is a quality control required in various industrial fields to verify that the part meets or does not meet specifications during the manufacturing process.

The diversity of situations that we usually face means that we have flexible metrology equipment that adapts to different object shapes and sizes. Our equipment allows us to work with or without contact with the object, quickly capturing the surface and geometry of the part and comparing it with the nominal CAD data.

Reverse Engineering (3D Modelling)

The reverse engineering service consists of generating the surface of an object from the point cloud, creating a digital replica for post-processing with which we can produce a 3D CAD file. This solid, either in surface mode or CAD solid in standard format, is ideal for post-processing, generating plans and making modifications.

Malla bloque motorModelado bloque motor

Mou la barra per veure la comparativa

Unlike dimensional inspection work or as-built modelling, where the objective is to determine deviations or defects in a part or structure, in reverse engineering the objective is to produce a very high quality CAD surface model where meshes and point clouds are transformed into geometric entities. To generate the model, data from scanning and data from other sources, such as scanning measurements or 2D drawings, can be combined.

Long-range scans

Using one of the most advanced technologies on the market, we perform large-scale scans using a massive point cloud, capturing all the details of reality and bringing them to our screen easily and efficiently.

The versatility of this technique allows its application in a multitude of sectors where precision and detail are required in the 3D documentation of large areas.


Bureau Veritas certifies that Metrofort’s Management System complies with the requirements of the Standard: ISO 9001:2015


Head Office

C/ Magdalena Miró 21, 1º-2ª

08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú


Office: +34 93 816 09 15

Mobile:   +34 646 989 038

Valencia local office

C/ Tramuntana

Pol. Ind. Juan Carlos I

46440 Almussafes


Mobile:   +34 659 209 984

Valladolid local office

Av. Madrid 9  Of. 9B

Parque Empresarial Roche

47140 Laguna del Duero


Mobile:   +34 600 524 906

Ingefort, SRL (Romania)

Str. Constantín

            Brancoveanu, 15

ap.2 400 – Cluj-Napoca


Mobile:  +40 745 217 537

Metrofort Polonia

50-028 Wroclaw


Mobile:  +48 600332393

MTF Services

  • Ajustment of fixtures
  • Product measurement
  • CMM Programming
  • Robot bases calibration
  • Layout marking
  • Industrial machinery

NVS3D services

3D scans:

  • Precision scanning
  • Long range scanning
  • Aerial services / drone
  • Photogrammetry
  • Virtual Tours / Renders


3D modelling:

  • Precision
  • Large structures
  • BIM

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Servicios NVS3D

Escaneados 3D:

  • Escaneado de precisión
  • Escaneado de largo alcance
  • Servicios aéreos / dron
  • Fotogrametría
  • Virtual Tours / Renders


Modelados 3D:

  • De precisión
  • Granes estructuras
  • BIM

Copyright © 2021  |  Metrologia Fort, SL

Copyright © 2021  |  Metrologia Fort, SL

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